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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

happiness runs

in a circular motion.

donovan's song "happiness runs" has been playing in my head, and on my lips, ever since the sunshine baby blanket has been crocheting along. you'd think it would be mellow yellow...

last summer, my son bart was stationed in norway for a few weeks. oh, how i would have loved seeing him walk into the yarn store and watch him buy me a gift.

a gift of two lovely yellow shades of norwegian baby ull. a present with two meanings :-) bart gave me the yarn on christmas morning, the same day baby smiley was concieved ;-)

this sunshiney yellow yarn begged to be crocheted.

crocheted into a big happy hug of a granny square.

love for my new grandbaby-to-be in every stitch.

when bart was a baby, we visited my parents in illinois. my dad's office was in the oakbrook professonal building, in the middle of the oakbrook shopping center.

oakbrook shopping center has a wonderful juried art and craft show.

my dad bought me a boxed set of crochet hooks. years later, the set was chewed to pieces by a puppy.

imagine my surprise when i found an ad for the turn of the century crochet hooks, they same company that made my set! now i have a new set, each hook is a different exotic wood, and the case is walnut lined with green velvet.

another full circle :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

now let me see.....

7 random things about me-

i think the gilmore girls are real people.

we have cows. if there are only 23, can you call them cattle?

i am allergic to bees, wasps and ants.

my kids were born nearly 10 years apart. different gene pool.

i know the names of the 3 major battles of the hundred years war.

i learned to knit when i was about 5. it was so long ago i don't even remember who taught me.

my spinning wheel acquisition began when i was 13, an antique canadian production wheel. i learned to spin when i was 15, in 1971.

hmm, i tag angela, melanie, cheryl, laurie, cindy, cyndy, and anni.

thanks rosemary :-)

and now for the photos-

boudica sock kit from willy wonka fibers. love love love the bfl :-)

as i was finishing the second sock late friday night, the history channel had a 2 hour program about boudica, how weird is that?
sock mods, i did my anatomical toes toe up, a slip stitch heel, and changed the top of the cuff like the eleanora sock top.

at long last, the blocked bohus! for hat blocking, i used an 8" styrofoam ball, and sliced off about an inch all around the sides.

thank the fsm, the scarf blocked out nicely, i was worried about the stranded borders pulling in.
christmas prezzie for ddil, the blue shimmer bohus will go perfectly with her nordic looks.

dd at her awards ceremony. she got the national honors society collar, the gold honors cords, and the over 4.0 gpa gold tassle, you go girl!

using all those little grey cells is exhausting ;-)

Monday, May 14, 2007


just couldn't resist the eau de laines, my favorite smell.
are you a sniffer?

look how lucky i am, 2 sock kits arrived in the mail. first is the boudica socks from willy wonka fibers. yummy soft bfl, thanks anne!!!

next is the berry pie sock kit from spinning bunny. this kit has 2 lovely colors of merino tencel, i haven't knit socks from this blend yet. thanks susan!!

here are a few close-ups of the tile fireplace surround.

it was a really fun project.

and the glaze matches our tile floor very well.

the dragonflies butterflies and bees are my favorites :-)
i hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing mother's day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

books books and more books

pj has the most wonderful post all about her new bookshelves. pj saw the idea on sonia's blog.
i'll play, i'll play :-)
the family who built our house must have had a huge entertainment center on this wall. when we moved in there were tons of wires sticking out all over the wall.
we were lucky to have the cabinetmakers build us this fireplace with bookcases. it's my pride and joy, i designed, carved and fired the ceramic tiles that surround the fireplace.

the left side, with my tina II and jeff trapp windsor rocker.

the right side with the reeves frame wheel peeking out.
the whole thing comes apart in 3 pieces, and is going with us if we ever move ;-)

the same cabinetmakers built this lovely bookcase for the bend in the staircase.

left side,

and right side.

this is the bookcase with all the knitting books and magazines. it's overflowing...
another reeves wheel, this one is a 24" saxony. to the right is a warping reel from running moon farm.
there is also a small wicker bookcase in the guest room, and a bookcase in dd's room, but i'd have to wade through the flotsam to get a photo of them.

gratuitous kitty photo :-)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

testing testing 1 2 3

test knitting.
doesn't lisa souza's berry poppins blue faced leicester look gorgeous next to the bougainvillea?

print o' the wave catching a few rays. half the never ending edging is finished.

unfortunately i don't think there is enough yarn left to complete the border......

wish me luck!