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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

what have we here?

a giant fuzzy hornet nest with beads?

no, a print o' the wave stole ready to have the border knit on.

thanks eunny for such an enjoyable knit!

yarn - alchemy haiku color copper

metallic gold beads size 8

lantern moon circ size 4, size 4 dpns for border

print o' the wave will go into the christmas prezzie box for dd.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

groovy baby

september 15th, i'm going to have my own groovy baby. grandbaby that is :-)

whoohoo!!!! i can't wait!

needles on fire, i'm channeling austin powers -

with this psychedelic baby blanket -

or maybe rowan and martin -

look at the groovy colors of this superwash sock yarn dyed by claudia, regenbogen colorway,

maybe cream -

or peter max -

raja approves, or it could be the catnip ;-)

the center mitred squares are finished, and claudia has shipped some skeins of rittersporn (larkspur) for the garter border. i used the basic mitred squares from the koigu book.

dd's feetsies looking cosy in anne's red mountain pass, er shingle creek trail socks. these are going in the christmas prezzie box.

i've already pre-ordered the new boudica socks kit.

every day i count my blessings that my children are safe.
my thoughts and prayers are with the parents of the virginia tech tragedy. i cannot even begin to imagine their loss.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

inch by inch

row by row.
gonna watch this seed stitch grow.

it's actually finishd, all i have left to do is weave in the ends of the second border... wonder how long the scarf will languish this way?

lookie lookie what i got in the mail! the shingle creek trail socks kit from anne at willy wonka fibers :-)

anne calls the color red river, but as soon as i laid eyes on it, to me it looks like red mountain pass,

and the rope cable is the animas river.

many happy memories.

these socks will be for dd next christmas :-)

sock , and saturday sky all in one photo.