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Monday, September 24, 2007

rocky mountain high

don't you love it when your knitting blends in with the landscape?

tom and i are in durango colorado for two wonderful weeks.

on the needles is anne's twinings stole, fearless fibers merino laceweight in golden olive , the yarn is simply delicious.

we are renting half of a straw bale house just outside of durango in hesperus.

look at the view from our window!

mesa verde is only 20 miles from our house. the drive in and out of mesa verde is very very scary. funny but i don't remember it being scary 3o years ago...

this is the cliff palace. my extreme fear of heights kept me from taking the tour, tom did, and loved it.

i spent the hour knitting :-)
nice spot, eh?

and as i was knitting i met another knitter from outside pittsburg, hi pam!
pam was wearing a lovely sweater from knitter's stash in a gorgeous rust rowan summer tweed.

i did manage to make it down the semi-petrifying walk into the spruce tree house.

definitely worth it! wow! wow! wow!

here is a photo of the trees in mesa verde,

and a photo of the dessimated areas, in 2002 mesa verde had huge forest fires.

on the left of this photo is the cliff where butch cassidy and the sundance kid jumped in the film. it's about 10 miles north of durango on the way to silverton, where i lived 30 years ago.


i couldn't leave you without a few gingersnap photos!

wrapped in her bee blanket,

i love her so much, and can't wait to see her again! thanks for all the baby comments, i couldn't email a few of you, thanks mary heather, vicki, linda and karen!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cloud nine

last time you saw wooly wonka anne's tupelo gold , it was an eeeny weeny square on dpns.

now it is a baby bee blanket.

all squinched up.

having a nice relaxing bath and conditioning.

blocked glamor shot.

next time you see the baby bee blanket, it will be wrapped around my brand new granddaughter!

the call came yesterday around 11:30, and baby was born at 12:22 p.m.i threw some clothes (and baby blankets) in a bag and jumped in the car.

ten and a half hours later i made it to pensacola and got to see my baby for the first time! she weighs 6 lb 8 oz, has a full head of curly blonde hair and a cleft in her tiny chin just like her mom :-)

my happy new family, son bart, ddil natalie and the new baby girl, i'll call her gingersnap on the blog.

isn't she a doll? and so pink!

my wrist is much better! i have been wearing my brace like a good girl, on the drive i noticed, no pins and needles at all in my fingertips.