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Friday, June 06, 2008

happy feet

no wait, that's a movie.

also the perfect name for these koigu socks :-)
color p823 rainbow happy.

these socks started life 3 times before they settled down and got knit.

i bought the yarn with cookie a.'s BFF socks in mind. unfortunately at 70 sts the yarn pooled with all the blue/purples on one side, and the orange/yellows on the other.

rip rip next try the BFF pattern, only using grumperina's helical sock technique.
bah, after a few rows, getting the same bloody pooling.

next up, the mock cable rib socks, from knittinglikecrazy
still not feeling the love.

rip rip back to the toe, a simple 4 st 6 row basketweave was the perfect fit for the busy rainbow colors :-)

wheehee, a little spinning action! it's been ages.

how lucky am i? this is my craft room, it's the poolhouse behind our home in fort lauderdale. tom built it for his mom who lives with us for years. then his secretary worked in it, since tom closed his practice the poolhouse is mine all mine!

this is the first oak staved nantucket basket i made, from 2000.

the fiber is so old i don't remember who i bought it from, except her name is carol, and it's wool, silk and angora. yum. letting the noily bumps do their own thing :-)

isn't the van eaton maple fly-n-tote sweet? spins like a little dream. and it matches the maple rockers on the windsor rocker i made last year.

joanne tagged me-

1) what was i doing 10 years ago?
not much ;-) rebecca and i had been living in lake placid for a year, i was still working at sandpiper needlework.

2) what are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
work out (done, i'm a noodle)
go to lunch

3) snacks I enjoy:
dark chocolate
dark chocolate
dark chocolate

4) things I would do if I were a billionaire:
hmm, set up a trust fund for my kids and gingersnap
live in durango colorado
travel more
give more money to my favorite charities

5) places i have lived:
berwyn illinois
westchester illinois
glen ellyn illinois :-)
chicago illinois
silverton colorado :-)
pompano beach florida
deerfield beach florida
lauderhill florida
plantation florida
delray beach florida :-)
fort lauderdale florida
lake placid florida :-)

7) 6 people i wanna know more about:
i think everyone i know has already done the mememe, i am late to the party!