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Saturday, July 28, 2007

see you in 10 days!

my friend terri and i are going to west virginia-

to take a windsor chair making class with charles boland of storybook joinery.

terri has a woodworking shop that would make norm abrams pee his pants.
i am so so over my head, wish me luck that i return with all my fingers ;-)

print o' the wave blocked. it was so muggy out this morning, when we took the first photos, they were blurry cause the lens was fogged!

rebecca was not here to model, so you are stuck with me.

print o' the wave, designed by eunny jang, knit with 4 skeins of alchemy haiku in copper. size 8 metallic seed beads. size 4 lantern moon needles.

this wasn't knit at the speed of light. it was started last spring, i ran out of yarn with 2/3 of the last long border. found last skein in closet last week.

the first skein of haiku is lighter than the rest, the border skeins both match thank the fsm!

i'm ignoring the color differences and happy the print is finis.

blogging from the fort lauderdale airport, how cool is that? i cannot wait til the whole world is wireless :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

it's all over

except for the grafting.

i ran a little short on the zephyr while testing anne's rectangular bee shawl.
while waiting impatiently for more yarn to come in the mail, print o' the wave was beckoning.
as luck would have it i found an extra skein of the alchemy haiku for the shawl in the closet.
now the print just needs a good blocking.

raja thinks the black bee makes an excellent kitty blankie.

rebecca and the honey bee.

Friday, July 20, 2007

ok, so i lied

the ebony laceweight zephyr was ordered with all good intentions of knitting the ms3.

but when anne told me she was writing up the pattern for a rectangular bee shawl, i pleaded for a test-knitting spot.

here's the bee resting on the back of my fabulous new knitting chair. the ottoman's tone is slightly different than the chair, but not as drastic as the photo. 75% off, who could resist?

waiting for the rectangular bee to be written up, i got out wooly wonka anne's ceilidh sock kit. anne has captured the colors of a nantucket sunset in her nantucket colorway.

no photo yet of the finished socks as i've been feverishly working on the new bee.

lily of the valley smoke ring is done also, just needs a good steaming.

doggie kitty snooze fest.

Friday, July 13, 2007

the bee has spread her wings

the bee having a spa treatment shampoo and conditioning.

the bee pinned out in all her glory. be prepared with plenty of pins on hand.

the art shot.
thanks anne, for giving me the pure pleasure of test knitting the bee. thanks anne, for dyeing such a lovely honey bee yarn :-)

now on the needles, wooly wonka fibers lily of the valley smoke ring. this will go in the christmas prezzie box for my basket teacher karol. starting the bottom edge. next will be the global encompassing ms3.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

flight of the bumblebee

how lucky am i? testknitting the bee shawl for knitspot anne was an absolute joy.

mine is knit with the honey colored yarn from anne at willy wonka fibers. it was the other color sent to knitspot anne. (too many annes). the only thing i changed was to go down a needle size. learned my lesson after the humongous wing of the moth.

now if only my blocking wires were here with me. a stormy saturday sky in fort lauderdale.