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Friday, May 30, 2008

will it last?

will our heroine have enough yarn to finish the last border repeats? nail biting time.

the sweet sheep's lace yarn is a dream to knit with :-) and the color, sigh.

tune in to our next intallment for the thrilling outcome.

in the meantime i'll show you some new sock photos-

the jigsaw sock pattern- these socks started life as the green merino sock, but the main pattern was totally lost in the colors, so i kept the adorable ruffle edge and ribbing, and knit the jigsaw sock. size 0 colonial rosewood sock needles.
thanks jenna for a lovely pattern. love it.
the yarn, i think, is pagewood farms purchased at yarn durango, but i can't find this colorway anywhere on the web. i wound the ball in the card, and the label was thrown out by accident. the color is a gorgeous saturated bittersweet orange red.

these fires are burning in lake okeechobee. the water is so low in the lake that the vegetation normally underwater in the lake is exposed and burning.

it's shocking to drive by for weeks in a row and still see the fires.

gratuitous cute cat photo.

shotsie is a little miffed that the cat is getting all the blog attention. at nearly 13 she sleeps a lot...

Thursday, May 08, 2008


woot! my bluemoon laci socks are complete!

i wish you could feel how soft they are.

the perfect weight for warmer weather
but not this bloody florida hot and sticky weather

lace detail-

anne is going to write a nice lightweight sock yarn pattern, how that for cajoling?

finally blocked, the knitting was finished well over a year ago...

it's "a triangular warm shawl to knit" by galina khmeleva, piecework magazine sept/oct 2002.
the kit is still available from galina, but i am not sure if it is still the quivit yarn called for in the magazine.
i was lucky enough to get the original kit from knitswap.
as soon as i had finished knitting it, rebecca told me i could never wear it since it is the red hat colors, ah well.

look at this gorgeous color! it is the sweet sheep's lace in cranapple.
it's going to be anne's snowflakes in cedar , a sample for the sweet sheep. i test knit the original one for anne, it's the one in the photos.

raja is the only one who uses the cardioglider for exercize.
he grabs his tail from underneath. hyseterical when he flips himself over to get a good grip on it, and falls off.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


or how i lost my mind last night.

i love my irtfa'a so much that i wanted to knit a pair of socks to match. at madrona i bought a skein of str lightweight in rooky. unfortunately, i have skinny feet and str is a slightly thick sock yarn. couldn't figure out how to knit the lace patterns up in a small enough sock for me.

believe me i tried.
late last night i got the brilliant idea to use the leftover blue moon laci from irtfa'a!

1.5mm dpns, 80 sts, 11 st per inch. i'm in heaven.

is this extreme knitting?
last weekend i got to visit my gingersnap. it was my son's 29th birthday.
how the hell did i get old enough to have a 29 year old son?
we spent saturday morning fishing on bart's new boat.
matthew mconaughey ain't got nothing on my son ;-)
no fish :-(

i hope i see my little family again soon! maybe i'll get to babysit gingersnap overnight in july :-)