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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

are you ready?

for the cutest baby on earth?

not that i'm prejudiced or anything ;-)

the creepy crawly baby knee pads fit perfectly!

and are being put to use.

must knit more.

if i can figure out how to link to a word document, i'll post the pattern, i think it took more time to weave in the ends of each color band, next time one yarn.

whoohoo, i get to see gingersnap this weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

seeing spots

sunspots! what a lovely test knit-

susan lawrence designed the pattern, named heat wave, and anne of wooly wonka fibers dyed the yarn.

unfortunately the kit is part of anne's soldout kit club.
fortunately i think it will be rereleased with a different yarn in a similar color.

this yarn is a gorgeous peachy corally silk. my only problem with the knit was using the wrong needle. i love lantern moon circs, but the points are too blunt for lace.

gingersnap's creepy crawly baby knee pads are in the mail. if they fit her i'll post a link to the pattern.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

can you guess

what this is?

golf club cover?

tiny sock close

is it a bird?

is it a plane?

no- it a tiny creeping crawling knee pad!

bart and natalie asked me to knit some crawling leg warmers for gingersnap.

luckily i had some leftover cascade 220 in their school colors, garnet and gold.

i hope they fit!

gingersnap at easter-

i miss my sweet angel, maybe someday we will live closer.

thanks for all the kind chair words! now i can't wait for it to get here. then i can sand and paint it...