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Monday, December 12, 2005


one pair of mittens down, one pair of socks to go! although i haven't knit anything for dd yet...

these mittens are knit to go with the bristle yorkshire tweed bronte scarf. unfortunately, rowan doesn't make the same colors in different weights of yorkshire tweed, but bramble in the aran weight is a pretty good match. the colors are a rich warm brown in person. ann budd's handy book of patterns is an invaluable resource. fiddle fiddle fiddled with the cable, am very pleased with the way the mittens turned out. hope ddil is happy on christmas morning :-)

saturday night was lake placid's christmas parade. it's my favorite thing about lake placid. who would have thought we'd have sooo many fire trucks in this bitty town?
had to take a picture of the harley guy with the dr.demento helmet complete with horns. must find one for tom. the gingerbread house float was the bomb, and the childrens' nativity float was too cute!

this year we will be spending christmas in jacksonville at my son and ddil's. he has to fly on the 23rd and the 26th, so they can't come to lake placid. it will be the first time i haven't cooked christmas dinner since i got my first apartment. i guess it's time to hand over the torch, but it feels weird!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love those mittens! The cable really sets them off

12:50 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Adorable mittens. Love the cable. :)

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Cassie said...

I think the mittens are a great match to the scarf - close enough to complement perfectly. I can't imagine anyone not being thrilled with the combination of those two presents.

3:11 PM  
Blogger melanie said...

Turn my back for a couple of days and you post all these gorgeous things! Your dd is a beautiful young lady. The mittens are a great match, and dunadd is simply fabulous.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful scarf and mittens. and i love the xmas parade photos. Sat nite was the Boca Boat parade, so we had Christmas spirit in evidence all over the state! And you'll just have to help your ddl in the kitchen on Christmas, so you don't have severe withdrawal from cooking! Char

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Kerry said...

Those are gorgeous mittens and they are perfect with the scarf. She's going to love them!

11:07 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Amazing. Love the colors on everything you knit recently. Re:passing the torch - my mil is going into hissy fits and withdrawals at the age of 73 coz one of her granddaughters is hosting Christmas. 1st time for mil not to do any of the major holidays. MIL is compensating by having a "mini" Christmas dinner 4 days before Christmas. Can you say "sour grapes?".
After this demostration, I am glad my mother passed the torch on decades ago and I followed her example 5 yrs ago.

11:07 AM  

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