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Friday, November 25, 2005

thanks :-)

thanks for all the compliments and comments! seems like i have lots to be thankful for, most of all my family, how could i get any luckier, my son, ddil and dd, all playing in the yard. they were good and ran a 5K thanksgiving morning. i slaved away making pies and sweet potato casserole (seriously yummy). my honey came back from hunting pheasant in nebraska with a devastatingly attractive new beard, like getting a new man without having to cheat ;-0

on the knitting front, satan won, and bronte is now blocking.

but wait, what the frickin' hell is that? a hole! first i thought i had made a mistake and had an extra YO, but no, it's a big honking hole, made even bigger by me sticking my finger in it.

the next to last ball of yorkshire tweed 4 ply bristle had at least 8 breaks, almost as if it had been cut with a knife or scissors. thought i had fixed them all, but maybe one break eluded me.... ah well, when it's done blocking i'll deal with it.

love the bronte pattern, but does rowan make the chart so tiny, just for torture? i grabbed the graph paper and charted out the rows that had to be repeated over and over, and that saved my sanity ;-) am waiting for the ann budd handy book of patterns to arrive in the mail so i can start the mittens.

hope all my yank friends had as wonderful thanksgiving as i did. we had so much food left over that we're having dinner at our friends' house again tonight! had my son drag the old ski machine out of the garage into my bedroom, hopefully i'll get motivated. yeah right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment comment comment

9:19 PM  
Blogger Hope said...

comment again

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Kerry said...

casserole recipe, please.

Beautiful scarf/stole, hole or not. You've been might productive lately!

9:50 AM  

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