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Monday, September 26, 2005

spinning outside the box

trying something i never do, spin a fat lumpy soft yarn. first time with the large whorl on the reeves double treadle frame wheel, albeit the smaller groove. it's hard for me to not add too much twist.
the roving is a lovely blend of merino, wool, angora and silk called summer sunsets. bought it online from a lovely lady in massachusetts named carole kerris of twinbrook farm.

only took about 45 minutes to spin up this bit, much faster than my usual thin worsted style of spinning :-)

can't wait to see it plied, i'm thinking of using it to make a hat and mittens for my basket teacher/friend karol on nantucket. should be nice and warm for those cold cold new england winter days.

am still disgusted with the koigu sweater, will have to rip the whole body, oh well, at least the sleeves fit ;-) spent the weekend looking through old spin-offs and trying to figure out where to place the barn on our farm. also pulled out tons of soda apples, man those thorns sting!


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