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Monday, July 11, 2005

my summer vacation :-)

how lucky can i get? got to spend almost a whole month on nantucket, first a week with my dh, tom, and 2 other couples. then a week in the cottage i usually rent with my dd. the rest of the time with my good friends bobby and karol at their house.

karol and i went to the sheep shearing at the oldest house. one of karol's friends, victoria harvey,, raises romney sheep, and is also and excellent painter. she paints pastoral scenes of her sheep.

bobby, karol, dd and i went to the free movie at children's beach held by the nantucket film festival. this year it was a documentary, deep blue. i didn't care for it, as there were baby seals being devoured by killer whales. yuck. but the night was fun, much junk food involved. too cold for our usual post movie ice cream ;-)

brought tons of yarn, only knit the cuff of a sweater, bobby and karol have addicted us to mah jong. just bought a mah jong set on ebay, can't wait til it arrives!
also finished 2 basket projects that have been in the works for a few years, will post photos of them when the basket gets here, hurry brown truck :-)


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