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Thursday, August 11, 2005

back at the ranch ;-)

finally back at home in lake placid (florida, not new york), in time for my daughter to start school. how anyone is expected to learn when it's 80 million degrees outside is beyond me.

there are a mama and a baby dove right outside our dining room window, my dd watched the nest, then the nest and eggs, and now a big fat baby!

on the knitting front, have finished all the pieces for fern. decided to knit the sweater as a cardigan, not a pullover. after bringing inishmore to nantucket, even when it was cold out, inishmore was a liiitle too toasty ;-) so i thought i'd get more use from a cardi. did an 8 stitch facing on the fronts, ala junieann, so we'll see how it looks when they are stitched in place.

was very pleased with myself last night while working on the collar. since it will be a cardi, i didn't want the pattern stitch not to look symmetrical, so i started it with a crochet provisional cast on, worked half the length, bound off the stitches with a 3 needle bind off inside out. took out the prov. cast on, then worked the pattern stitch from the bottom down, doing the 3 needle bind off at the other end also, then turned the collar inside out.

have sewn the sleeve seams, god how i hate finishing! but at least i'm better at it than i used to be ;-) now to decide whether or not to add pockets?


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