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Friday, August 19, 2005

and now for something completely different

with only the sewing up of the sleeves and side stitching, fern has become boring ;-)

here she is, stuffed in a tote, out of sight, out of mind...

monday morning started spinning up 2 pounds of luscious lisa souza teal merino roving.

have got 4 bobbins full, so today will start to ply. trying to not spin as thin as my fingers want to, and was also trying not to be too perfect (ha ha ha).

how i love my little tina, she spins like a dream, and is as quiet as a mouse. i do believe she is my favorite wheel.

baby bird billy has flown the coop, bon chance billy!


Blogger cathy said...

I thought about buying a Tina 2 - it's nice to hear more accolades about the one that got away :-))

12:01 PM  

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