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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2 trips

first a trip to the frog pond ;-) am reknitting poor old koigu. i don't know what the hay happened, the sleeve gauge is perfect, but the body gauge was a scooch too big, the sweater looked like i had a giant bell around my hips when i tried it on. back to square one.
oh well, could be worse, at least i could salvage the sleeves...

tomorrow on to rhinebeck! looking at the forecast, it's going to be muddy muddy, so i bought a pair of boots with rubber bottoms. not an easy thing to find in fort lauderdale. heh heh, i also bought a pair of velour purple pants, and they
s t r e t c h.
will have to weed out which sweaters to bring, each one is saying bring me, bring me ;-p


Anonymous marti said...

i am so jealous that you are off to rhinebeck. maybe next yeaar i will be able to go.

3:35 AM  

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