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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


perseverance - not too sure about the calmly and without complaint bit, but definitely have the try try again down pat ;-)

behold the beginning of the bohus blue shimmer scarf -

how can 59 measly stitches be such a p i t a?
wanna see the back?

now i get to knit the second end!

actually looking forward to the plain blue seed stitch body...

i knew if i didn't pick the scarf up again right away, it would have disappeared into the black knitting hole, never to be seen again. after i googled intarsia instructions, it looks much better.

certainly has banished all thoughts of ever knitting a kaffe fassett from my blonde brain FOREVER!


Blogger Marina said...

Don't you dare let it go down the "black hole" ;-) It's gorgeous! But I'm glad it's you who is knitting it.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

You're a better woman than I am to keep plugging away with all those ends. It's beautiful, but it would have aggravated the hell out of me.

4:32 PM  
Blogger anne said...

but it Is very beautiful! not being a fan of intarsia myself, i feel your pain though . . .

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I'm glad you picked it back up as it will be a gorgeous scarf! It looks great so far.

5:46 PM  
Blogger gail said...

Beautiful scarf!!! I love the Bohus designs. What creative women those designers were. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to finish the blanket this weekend!! Wish me luck.

7:47 PM  
Blogger Romi said...

But oh! so pretty! :)

11:22 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Oh, my your opened a can of worms! where have I been? Kaffet Knitting- gosh, I'm so interested in Kaffet quilting I didn't know-of course, it's been awhile seeing his site! THANKS! your work is just an awesome WOW!

11:26 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

So glad you are persevering! I love the colors in your scarf and the texture, too....can't wait to see the blue seed stitch added to it.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

But the colors are soooo beautiful..... Can you weave any of those in as you go?

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anni said...

It is so very beautiful - good luck, Vanessa :)

12:11 PM  
Blogger Stephannie said...

It's beautiful.

If it goes down a black hole, be sure the other end is somewhere near my house okay?

3:53 PM  
Blogger AlisonH said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! Kaffe knitting is different, intarsia vs fair isle, but either way, I love knitting things with lots of colors. I do believe his work made it so all the handpainted yarns came to be a big thing in his wake; it's a far easier way to play with colorwork on the needles. But anyway--I love that scarf, and if you ever want to ditch it, I know one knitter right here who would gladly pick it up out of the reject basket and finish it off for you.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I admire you for persevering. That sort of knitting makes my ass twitch. Consequently, I leave it to the brave ~ such as yourself. You go, Girlfriend!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Cassie said...

OMG, its knit flat. I mean, I always suspected that but ... you're a brave, brave woman. It looks gorgeous, keep up the beautiful work.

6:06 PM  
Blogger cyndy said...

It is art! Pure art!
...and you must suffer for your art!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Do you have to weave in all those ends?! Yikes!

3:15 PM  
Blogger girls just want to have spun! said...

mom you need a new post. you always complain when people don't update posts. bellydancing can't come first over knitting. and i haven't seen the blanket since you finished it. next fall i promised to call all the time and you have to promis to post all the time.

11:36 AM  

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